3 Best Tips for Choosing the Best Accommodation as a Student

Guy moving in an apartmentOne of the things that determine your experience in college is the apartment you live in. Generally, you want an apartment that’s comfortable for you and your friends, if you don’t plan to live alone.

But with so many options for student houses to rent in London, LHA London understands that deciding on the appropriate one may be a tough call. Here are some tips on how you can go about it.

1. Find an ideal location

Location is extremely important when choosing accommodation. You want a place where you have easy access to college, so you don’t miss lectures. Apartments next to campus are an excellent choice.
But, if these seem a little more costly than you expected, then consider cheaper alternatives that are close to transport links. You also want an apartment close to your mates, so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

2. Consider your safety

Incidents of crime in some areas where students live are quite high. That’s because criminals know that students can be reckless, especially when drunk.
It is not uncommon for young people to leave windows open or forget keys in their front door. Finding an apartment that has added security features like an alarm system and CCTV can be a huge bonus.

3. Talk to current tenants

Existing tenants usually have the best information regarding a building, so it’s an excellent idea to seek their views. Since they stand to gain or lose nothing by telling you the truth, you should take their word seriously.
Find out what they like or dislike most about the building. If they seem pretty happy to be in the building, then it’s very likely you’ve found yourself a great apartment.

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Deciding on the best student apartment for you can make a huge difference in your life during college. By looking at a few essential factors such as location, security, and tenant satisfaction, you can find an apartment that perfectly fits your needs.