3 Festivals in Australia to Watch Out For in Spring

Festivals in AustraliaSpring in Australia is just a few months away. This season is perfect for travelling and exploring the beauty of this country. In addition, this season welcomes a bunch of festivals that you might like to experience. If you are planning to visit Australia, why not do it in spring?

While applying for an online personal loan for your travel budget or researching for your itinerary, take a look at the following festivals that you could add to your whole Down Under itinerary in spring.

  1. Birdsville Races (September 2016 – Birdsville, Queensland)

Experience the Outback in a two-day weekend of horse racing, rodeo fashion contests, and carnival in the Birdsville Races festival. This festival attracts thousands of visitors, so it is a great place to meet a lot of locals. Just don’t forget to pack your cowboy hat and plaid shirts, as outback fashion is highly regarded in this festival.

  1. Melbourne Festival (October 2016 – Melbourne, Victoria)

As the city’s flagship cultural celebration, the Melbourne Festival hosts various cultural and art events every spring. From visual arts and theatre to music and circus, the festival showcases performers and artists from all over the world. So, you won’t only get to see Australian artists, but you’d also have a chance to watch world-class performers.

  1. Soulfest (October 2016 – Sydney, NSW)

Soulfest is a popular annual music festival in spring that lasts for several days in Sydney. Known for its lineup of world-class hip-hop, neo-soul, and jazz performers, this festival is the go-to event for music enthusiasts in the country. If you’re a big fan of music, don’t let this festival slip away from you while you’re in the country for a holiday.

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If you want to maximise your travel experience in Australia this spring, make sure to include these festivals on your itinerary. You never know, these festivals might give you the unique experience you’re always looking for in your travels.