3 Major Issues of Ineffective Business Listing

Business ManOne of the effective ways to increase the visibility of a business online is through a business listing. This strategy involves putting up an online profile that contains the business name, address, contact number, and other details. Business owners can post this profile to thousands of web directories, including Google+ Local, Internet Yellow Pages, and Yelp.

Business listings, however, will not improve the search rankings of your business if you have the following major issues:

  • Inconsistent NAP

SEO Perth Experts say the most important element of a business listing involve these three pieces of information: business name, address, and phone number (NAP). Local search engines rely on the accuracy and consistency of NAP to validate the existence of a business. The business listing is a worthless strategy if the business NAP in Yelp is different from the ones in Internet Yellow Pages and other directories. Thus, you must ensure that your NAP is consistent in all local directories, to increase your business’ search rankings.

  • Incomplete Business Information

According to a study from the Local Search Association/Burke Inc., consumers who search for a business listing look for information other than NAP. They want to know the operating hours, product prices, payment details, and credentials of the business. When consumers learn enough information from your listing, they would likely check your business website. Thus, if you provide complete business information, you maximise the effectiveness of business listings.

  • Uncategorised or Miscategorised Listing

Most of the local directories allow you to put your listing into several categories. This is a significant step in creating your business listing, as search engines utilise category data to match the business for particular keyword searches. The search engines will not show the business if it is uncategorised or miscategorised for those searches.

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If done properly, business listing is a powerful tool to improve the search rankings of your business. When your search ranking is high, it means more leads, which may result in higher revenues for your business. Thus, it is significant to address the major issues in your business listing.