3 Most Cost-Effective Promotional Items

Promotional ItemsOld-school marketing still works. Despite the advanced technology today, older marketing medium like distributing promotional products is still effective. Why? Because people love free stuff.

As what experts from AstutePromotions.com.au always say, promotional products are not only effective, but they are also inexpensive. It is no wonder that many companies, even the established ones, still use this marketing strategy today. If you have a small business, you might want to consider this marketing strategy. Check the following list of the most cost-effective promo items.

1. Pens

People use pens all the time. They write in school, in the office, in the bank, and other places. So, if you give them a pen that has your business name on it and they use it in public, chances are more people will be more aware of your brand. People can pass on the information about your brand as well, as they can let other people borrow the pen.

2. Calendars

Most people today use the calendar on their smartphones. There are still people, however, who like having a calendar on their office desk because it is easier to look at. These people could be your brand ambassadors by just letting their colleagues see and use your calendar. Giving out free calendars with your logo on it is still relevant these days.

3. Fridge Magnets

During trade shows, hand out fridge magnets to people. Most likely, they will take it because it’s free and useful to their homes. If the magnet has your contact info on it and they stick it on their fridge, they’d easily remember you once they need a service from a company like yours. Why? It is because they see your brand every day and it somehow sticks in their mind.

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If you’re a small business owner, distributing promotional items is a great way to introduce your brand to your target market. Don’t be afraid to try the old-but-proven and tested marketing mediums. Start with these three promo items, and you’ll see how promotional products can boost your sales.