3 Practical Ways to Advertise Your Product

Mobile MarketingThere are many ways of making your product known to consumers but oftentimes, the cost-effective ways have the greatest efficacy in terms of positive results. These are some of those practical and affordable methods.

You have great talent in baking delicious treats, which is why you started a home-based cupcake business. Since all of those who have tasted your cupcakes say it is very delicious, you are pretty sure that a lot of people would patronize it. But, you also know that if you do not advertise your cupcakes, no one else would know about it. Considering that you are on a limited budget, you would want to know the most cost effective advertising that would help your product become known.

Setup Website

Having your own website where you can display your products for everyone to see is like owning a store that is open 24/7. In fact, according to The Guardian, pursuing traditional means to win customers without getting online is a risky move knowing that more than two-thirds of potential clients spend more time online. Though you may need to spend some bit of money at the outset, including development and server setup, you will find that it is cost effective in the long run. You can also hire SEO professionals to help your website get to the top of search engine pages. You can opt to maintain and update it yourself, which for sure you can do very well. If you have a regular website, you can even convert it into a commercial site in the future.

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Mobile Marketing

This is another advertising platform that you need to seriously consider. Did you know that as of November 2016, mobile online usage has surpassed desktop computers by as much as 2.5%? Data made available by The Telegraph revealed that mobile devices accounted for 51.3% of web visits as compared to 48.7% by desktop or laptop computers. With this development, it is crucial that you include mobile marketing in your advertising strategy so your product can also penetrate this relatively young market.

Email Marketing

Another cost-effective marketing solution that you might want to consider is email marketing. Considered as one of the pioneers of digital marketing solutions, email marketing campaigns remain effective up to this day. It allows a more personal communication with your customer and makes them feel very important to you.

There are many other practical ways of advertising your product to gain new customers. Most, if not all, of these methods have something to do with going online. So in your case, you might want to call SEO professionals in your place to start discussing what your options are.