3 Thoughts of an ER Staff You Won’t Hear Them Say

Emergency Room StaffsWhenever you are in a hospital, you will notice that so many things are happening at once. You will see patients sitting in wheelchairs. Some excited to go home, some with their head in their hands, some with a baby.

You will see many people waiting for their turn to be attended to by a nurse, or just sitting outside as friends and family visit the person in the hospital bed.

Then you see a room situated on the ground floor of the hospital. It has its own entrance, and the doctors and nurses inside it are hastily moving around from one hospital bed to another. And you stop to think: the management of the emergency room must be one tough job.

Well, you are right. Sometimes you will not notice that. However, behind that scene of calm scrub suits and white robes are the hopes of every doctor and nurse who are trying to do their job as smoothly as possible. Let us hear a few.

“You look like an honest person, but it’s part of my job to be skeptical.”

Some people jump from one ER to the next trying to collect pain medication and prescriptions to sell on the streets. Some prick themselves just to put drops of blood in their urine. They have a reason to be skeptic.

“If it’s truly an emergency, you won’t be on your phone.”

Doctors in the ER attend to more than just one patient at a time. So if they see a patient talking on his phone about anything else besides his current condition, then that has not considered an emergency.

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“We could really use some patience, please.”

If there is anyone else in the world that needs patience besides mothers, it is the whole ER team. They are there to help you, and the least you can do is give them even just a bit.

And if you actually heard all their thoughts, maybe your next visit to the ER would be more pleasant.