4 Tips to Make Your New Property Attractive To Tenants

Rows of apartment buildingOnce you’ve checked out Lancaster reviews and decided to make a purchase, you’ll need to do a few things so that the property starts to make you money. The fact is, the longer your rental property stays vacant, the more potential rental income you are losing. Use these simple tips to get tenants scrambling for the property.

Focus on curb appeal

The first thing potential tenants see when they pull over to view a house is the yard. If they form a positive impression, then they’ll be willing to move into the house and could even be ready to pay a higher rent. So make sure that the lawn is in gorgeous shape by mowing the grass, pruning any trees and weeding the garden.

Repaint the walls

If the property you are acquiring is aging, consider reviving the walls by applying a fresh coat of quality paint. A can of paint is barely thirty bucks, yet it can work miracles in transforming tired looking walls. Plus it’s a project you can do yourself if you’re not too thrilled about spending the money paying a professional to do it. Stick to neutral colors while at it if you hope to appeal to the masses.

Incorporate some smart technology

Making sure that there are a few smart home technology features on the property can give it an edge over neighboring rental properties. You don’t have to buy anything too fancy. A programmable thermostat or some smart locks can go a long way in improving tenant satisfaction.

Pay attention to the garage

Does your property have a garage? Then that’s an added advantage for you, especially if you are targeting tenants with larger families. Before inviting people to view the property, make sure that the garage is clean, well-lit and fully functional.
Any property, with some improvement, can become instantly desirable to tenants. A good thing with doing a few touchups on the building is that it can even boost the home’s rental value, giving you even better returns.

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