5 Practical and Resourceful Advantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing AgencyMarketing is one of the central functions in any business – from increasing productivity to driving leads and sales. Many companies are discovering that outsourcing their marketing responsibilities is a smart move – and it’s clear why.

If you’re a newer business that has yet to establish a name in the market, or even a reputable brand exploring new opportunities, hiring top-notch talent can be time-consuming and expensive, with costs reaching well into six figures per year.

For small and medium sized companies, this makes little sense. The solution: outsourcing their marketing efforts to a full-service marketing agency that can strategize and execute across multiple marketing platforms.

Letting marketing experts handle the marketing facet of business will save recruiting time, training time, and expenses of a full-time staff, while tapping into top-tier expertise and other opportunities. It’s an advantage that every company, every owner, and every employee should carefully consider.

If you’re on the fence, here are the top five reasons you should outsource your marketing:

More Than Just Expertise

Innovative Marketing SolutionsLet’s face it: the marketing skills gap is very real. About 75% of marketers admit their lack of skills affects revenue.

You can bridge this gap with a team of diverse people who have the talent, skills, and experience. We’re talking about experts with proven backgrounds in business strategy, communications, content marketing, web design, graphic design, search marketing and SEO.

When outsourcing your marketing to an agency, you get versatility, cutting-edge strategies and access to the most advanced marketing technologies. This lets you touch each stage of the buying cycle with dynamic, timely and relevant marketing campaigns, and seamlessly orchestrate the end-to-end customer experience.

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Effective Cost Management

Did you know that a bad hire can cost you over $200,000? Meanwhile, outsourced marketing resources don’t require full-time salaries or benefits. It will cut down not only overhead costs, but also direct purchases on various marketing programs, such as advertising, printing, media buys, and technologies. Overall, outsourcing to a cross-functional team versus hiring 2-3 marketers can save 10-30% in your marketing expenses.

Access to the Latest Technology

Marketing technologies boost efficiency and performance, but in-house marketing departments are often lacking in this area. What’s more, with over 4,000 marketing technologies available, they don’t always know which ones to choose. A marketing agency can provide you with the support, guidance and implementation service you need, as well as access to premium-level services, analytical data reports and software.

A More Efficient Staff

Without the SEOs, content marketers and social media personnel on staff, the marketing burden goes to existing employees. Other than lack of effectiveness and consistency, this can result in reduced productivity and likelier burnout among your staff.

By outsourcing some of your marketing efforts, your current employees maintain momentum while avoiding the risk of falling down the priority list or getting sidetracked. You get one centralized team doing what they do best.

Agencies Are on Top of Marketing Changes

About 96% of marketing leaders today believe that the scope of skills required in marketing success has increased. The best marketing agencies take on a unique, holistic approach using the most relevant strategies to launch multidisciplinary campaigns. They follow the latest developments on digital marketing trends and make sure their campaigns are up to speed.

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Bottom Line

By outsourcing some or all of your marketing efforts, you acquire flexibility and get access to the best marketing professionals and technologies in the industry. It cuts down cost, time, and the stress over overpriced and ineffective marketing campaigns.

Experience – benefit from an agency’s experience, such as familiarity with your target market and the marketing channels and opportunities available.

Expertise – benefit from expertise in marketing strategy and implementation, whether in creative design or content marketing.

Time – save on the time it takes to recruit someone with the skills and experience.

Cost – get an entire team of experts at less than the cost of one full-time employee; expect cheaper software costs, ad costs, etc.

Whether you’re launching a new business, promoting a new product, or planning to hit the next level of growth, outsourcing some or all of your marketing may be your next best move.