5 Steps to a Bohemian Living Space

a hippie womanBohemian chic, hippie era, creativity, music, art, travel. These are words that all go together to make a free-spirit. Many home designs have adopted this style.

Incorporating patchwork rugs and tie-dye tapestries, with wooden rocking chairs and a vintage sofa to make a laid-back living space, is just one of the ways to get that beatnik feel.

Here are five more ideas from urban95.com for your home design that will set that carefree mood for you.

1. Mix, but don’t match.

Bohemian chic is not about pleasing others. It’s about you and how things make you feel. So don’t be afraid to mix blues with orange, or purples with yellows. You can also mix textures — put a soft silk tapestry against a rough brick wall, for example.

2. Use soft lighting.

When you want to lean back on a soft pillow to relax with a glass of wine, the flickering light from a candle is best for ambiance. You can also achieve this kind of lighting with paper lanterns or beaded ceiling lamps, which emit soft glows.

3. Create comfy floor seating.

Nothing says hippie more than Indian-sitting on throw pillows, playing the guitar, and burning incense. You can add bean bags or poufs, too. The more low-level seats, the more inviting it is for your friends to relax and have long conversations.

4. Love the raw and rugged.

Furniture with a rough finish or a bare canvass painting always adds character to a home. It loosens up any uptight moods and inhibitions. It shows that this is a place meant for relaxing.

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5. Use dirty white, blonde or bright wood.

Light colors on walls or floors help natural light bounce and spread around a room. You can repaint your wood panels or strip dark ones for a more rugged old finish.

Your home doesn’t need to be prim and proper all the time. Choose what makes you the free-spirit that you are.