6 Fun and Easy Ways to Recycle your Own Paper

Paper recycling

Flooding has always been a huge problem in the world. Trees help to reduce run off by absorbing water and holding the soil together. However, illegal logging is one of the contributing factors that stop this natural cycle. Although on a day-to-day basis, many of use cannot address these bigger problems, we can all do our part for the environment. Recycling paper is a good place to start.

Some ways to cut down on waste paper includes:

1. Maximise its use. If you are printing your own documents, use both sides of the paper. This way, you’ll also be saving on the cost of printer paper.

2. Reuse. Do not throw scrap paper away ‒ why not have your kids use it as scribbling paper instead. In this way, not only will you be saving on paper, you will also be teaching your kids the importance of recycling.

3. Use it for Making Art. You can do many things with paper, and this includes making arts and crafts. There are lots of suggestions and creative articles on the internet. And you have bonding time with the kids!

With scrap and recycled paper at home, you need to be careful you don’t throw out anything with sensitive information. Luckily though, these old documents can still be recycled through shredding. This form of discrete and secure destruction leaves a mound of shredded paper for reuse.

Here are some easy ways to recycle shredded paper at home:

4. Use as a Cushion for Packages. We often use bubble wraps and Styrofoam to cushion our packages, but single use plastics are extremely harmful to the environment. Use shredded paper for packing.

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5. Use as a Stuffing. You can use shredded paper instead of Styrofoam for stuffing pillows and stuffed animals!

6. Reuse for your Cat Litter. Got some furry friends at home? You can follow these easy steps to turn your old paper into odour-deterring cat litter!

You can find many uses for recycled paper on the Internet ‒ not only is paper recycling fun, it also brings out your creativeness!