A Weekend at Lorne: Ways to Spend Your Holiday

Weekend Getaway in LorneWeekends are best spent trying something new. What better way to find new things to experience than to visit the seaside town of Lorne, Victoria? It might not seem like the usual place people would want to go to, but you’d be surprised at what this place has to offer. Here are some ways to have the best holiday at Lorne.

Great sights

Lorne offers many of the country’s best places for sightseeing. You’d think it’s simply a regular beach town, but the walk along the Great Ocean Road compares to nothing. Marvel at the beauty of nature with all the rugged cliffs and the colours brought by the beach. It’s the perfect mix of land and water that would make for great photo opportunities. While you’re there, enjoy the arts community as well.

You may also visit another natural wonder called the Eskrine Falls. Pack up some food and drinks, and have a picnic in the park while enjoying the view of cascading waters.

Gastronomic adventure

It’s not just your sense of sight that will enjoy on your stay at Lorne. It’s also the best place to make your stomach happy with all the new flavours you may not find anywhere else. Different restaurants in Lorne offer a great range of cuisines. A day will not be enough to try everything. From noodle bars to Mexican cuisine, you can switch from culture to culture while satisfying your taste buds. Cafes and pizza places are also available, so you can chill out and relax over delicious meals.

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Enjoying Lorne is easy because the place provides you with plenty of things to do. Schedule your trip and have an unforgettable experience with friends and family.