Advantages of Affiliating with an Insurance Field Marketing Organization

Affiliating with an Insurance FMOAs a veteran or even a new insurance agent or broker, one of the things that you need to understand is that by affiliating with an insurance field marketing organization, you and your clients retain the same benefits. But more importantly, you stand to benefit even more. Here are the reasons you should consider associating with a trusted insurance organization:

Value-added support

Remember, insurance organizations don’t make money off their own. They need insurance agents and brokers to sell policies. For this relationship to become fruitful, they make sure that you as an insurance agent have all the marketing tools and systems to make selling policies and retaining clients a lot easier. Other insurance organizations help with filing enrollment paperwork so that you get more time to reach prospects or follow up on existing clients.

The right tools

One of the insurance marketing systems you will have access to is a quoting engine approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This allows you to create quotations for Medicare as well as IFP coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Another system, customer relationship management (CRM), allows you to keep track of your client. You can easily be updated from the simple documentation of your first meeting with the client up to the time of purchasing policies. You can ensure client visits by setting up reminders accessible using any registered devices.

Access to leads

Yet one of the most important factors that even veteran insurance agents have to consider is getting access to trusted qualified leads. While it is true that these organizations do not have the capability to sell insurance policies, they have valuable information about getting you leads—the list of people in your area who have conveyed an interest in getting insurance.

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As an independent insurance agent, the market could get unstable. In making sure you get to provide for your family, affiliating with an insurance field marketing organization is a better option. But before you do this, make sure that you’ve done your research. Different insurance organizations offer different perks such as assistance in annual sales re-certification from AHIP, updates on new product automatically sent via mail, and getting a full commission on policy sales.