After All These Years, Promotional Items Can Still Do Wonders for Your Brand

Promotional Item OnlineThink of your favorite brand. No matter what they sell, it’s almost certain that they’ve set shop online, and they’re probably giving out digital coupons and discounts via the Internet. If you ever get freebies, they may come in the form of online codes. But, while pretty much everything has gone the digital route, promotional items aren’t fading out of the scene.

Admit it; you still want to get those free mugs and pens, which is why businesses like Ads-Up Promotions are still around. There are several reasons you still want them. And, brands should, too.

They Make the Brand Visible

Whether they’re keychains, water bottles, coffee mugs, pens or umbrellas, brand logos become more visible when they’re on everyday items. Since these are things customers can actually use and get for free, they’re handy for instant and effortless promotion.

If there’s one way to get your brand to places (apart from the online realm), it’s through the logo, the items and the customers that bring them around. Internet ads can be imposing if they bombard your feed every day. Small and useful things are more discreet and practical, and they’re just as visible. As such, they still matter to brands.

Customers Remember Brands with Freebies

Giving away promotional products satisfy both the business owner and the customer. For the seller, it’s mobile publicity and recall. For the buyer, it’s free, and everyone loves free stuff. A 2012 research shows that 66% of customers claim they can recall the brand 12 months after they get a freebie from them.

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Getting people to remember the brand is the first step to building loyalty. Practical items such as pens, notepads, USB sticks, travel mugs, and tumblers bring the most recall. It’s not how big the logo is; it’s what comes with it that makes customers remember the brand. Plus, giving stuff isn’t an imposing or an annoying reminder of your business, so all the more reason to give it a go.

They Say Something About the Business’ Niche and Values

You’re not exactly printing your logo on items that don’t have anything to do with what you sell or do. Although you may use some staple items that are easy to produce, they still say something about the brand.

Notepads and USB sticks aren’t popular promotional products for nothing; they show that the brand is handy and useful. Banks don’t give away umbrellas just because; they show that they’re reliable, no matter what condition your finances may be in.

In using promotional products, you see that giving is receiving. For the seller, each item you give away brings you another customer and is a step towards building loyalty. For the customer, the perks of having freebies are self-explanatory. Promotional items do these wonders for brands, and they will continue to in years to come.