Age Matters if It Involves Your Home’s Plumbing System

Home Plumbing in UtahIn the United States, three of the most common materials used in water supply piping systems are galvanized, copper, and plastic. Their life span varies and depends on environmental and geographical factors. However, their specific use also plays a huge role in how short or long they will continue to function.

Galvanized Pipes: The Biggest Troublemakers

Although the use of galvanized water pipes stopped back in the 1960s, many homes in Provo still have their original plumbing work, and if yours does, expect it to keep bringing you headaches until you get them replaced.

Rust is the biggest damage-bringer to these piping materials, and can start from the inside or the outside surface. Hard water deposits, on the other hand, cause clogging, also leading to breakdowns. Sure, Glover Plumbing says plumbing teams can work on clogs and other problems regardless of the time, but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to worry about your pipes causing problems often?

Copper: Longer-Lasting But Still Corrosion-Prone

Homes that get pH-neutral water can expect copper piping systems to last longer than their galvanized counterparts. However, they are still prone to corrosion. Without damage-causing factors, these materials can last anywhere from five to seven decades. Aside from the pH level, incorrect installation and failure to ground pipes can also cut their life short.

Plastic Pipes: Not as Prone to Corrosion, But Can Be Brittle Over Time

PEX and CPVC are the two types of plastic materials used in manufacturing water pipes. They are the least corrosion-prone of all piping options, but without proper care and maintenance, they are still at risk of corroding. This is particularly true for PEX, which may contain copper or brass fittings. Both can turn brittle with age, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, and due to lack of tune ups.

Whichever of the three materials your home’s piping system is made of, you should never forget to maintain them. Do regular maintenance before your home turns into a big pool because of plumbing disasters.