An Effort Not Wasted: These 5 Sectors Could Supply Recyclable Products

Scrap metal at a recycling yardThis year, there has been a trend in big companies initiating efforts to recycle or use sustainable materials. For example, Coca-Cola released a statement it will “collect and recycle one bottle or can for each one it sells” by January 2030.

Dunkin’ Donuts, on the other hand, said that it would attempt to curb foam cup usage by 2020. This indicates that reducing waste is all the more urgent, and one step to take would be commercial waste and rubbish recycling.

1. Households

Homes usually come to mind first when it comes to who can recycle. After all, there are a lot of household objects that are left unused once worn out. Examples include appliances, clothing, or furniture.

2. Wood Industries

Owners of timber or construction shops typically deal with scraps of wood left after a building project. These wooden materials are also eligible for recycling, and you may turn them in for money.

3. Shops and Offices

Shops and offices are also potential sources for recycling. They normally deal with broken shop windows and other glass materials like partitions in the office. You could re-make these into new glass products when recyclers break them down into sand components.

4. Schools

Institutions that handle lots of paper like schools usually have stacks of documents stored on their premises. These paper pieces could be recycled from paper mills that will turn them back into pulp. The pulp would then be rolled into new sheets of paper.

5. Metal Industries

Finally, metal shop owners could have their scrap metal given to recyclers, sometimes for a price. The metal pieces would be recycled and sorted into their types, be it copper, aluminium, silver, or gold.

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To conclude, the call for recycling and using environment-friendly products is becoming more urgent, as waste around the world increases. This has led big brands to pledge to such initiatives, but ordinary individuals and entities can help too.

Be it households, offices, schools, or metal shops, the old or unused parts from these places could be recycled and made anew.