Are You Using Your Office Space to Engage Your Staff?

Office SpaceYou may not know it, but you’re probably not maximizing one of the most effective tools for increasing employee productivity — your office space. Believe it or not, your office space and design can boost productivity. This is because a worker’s physical environment can either distract employees or induce focused bouts of work.

How do you design and furnish office cubicles that employees will love and feel great to work in? New Life Office and other experts list some things to do:

1. Paint it blue

There’s a reason standard office cubicles are blue — it’s the color of productivity. Like how green is a good color for classrooms or red for restaurants, blue is the best color for work. You don’t have to paint it all blue, though. One blue wall is enough, with cream and grey accents for a cool, chic look.

2. Get the light right

Now, this can be tricky. Before you call an interior designer, consider the natural daylight your employees get during work hours. Filtered sunlight can work wonders for your employees, especially during meetings and high-stress situations. If you haven’t picked out your location yet, get a floor or area that has the largest windows to let sunlight in.

3. Splurge on chairs

If there’s any piece of equipment or furniture you want to splurge on, it should be the office chairs. If you want your employees comfortable until the end of the day, then good chairs can help avoid backaches, stiff necks, and other aches and pains that can impede with productivity. Making sure your workers don’t have to endure additional strain from their posture and body tension can do wonders for your employee engagement.

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In the end, a good office space provides employees with fewer distractions and comfort when working. The less your staff members have to worry about during work hours, the better they perform in the end.