Australian Firms Find it Hard to Hire Environmental Health Officers

Man wiping off the floor with tissue for evidenceMost companies in Australia find it hard to fill job vacancies environmental health officers, as 48.06 percent of listings remain open after 60 days, according to data from employment website Indeed.

The company said that veterinarians, bankers, radiologists and general practitioners completed the top five hardest positions to fill in the country. It seems a huge salary only contributes little to the progress of recruitment.

Some job vacancies for general practitioners, for instance, offer an average salary of more than $256,000.

Turnaround Rates

Despite difficult in filling some jobs, Australia has one of the highest turnaround rates of finding workers for other roles. Indeed said that 70 percent of job listings in the country disappear within 30 days. For employers, this requires them to be more diligent in screening applicants.

The process has become easier, as recruiters may simply apply for a criminal record check online. Aside from Australia, the same rate of job advertisements in the U.K. also vanishes within a month.

These countries outranked the U.S. and Germany, where companies fill 56 percent and 51 percent of listings in the first 30 days, respectively.

Job Market

In Australia, the number of people with jobs increased to 12.4 million in November after adding 61,600 jobs, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It represented the biggest jump since October 2015.

On the other hand, a high participation rate among job hunters caused the jobless rate to remain at 5.4 percent.

However, this indicated that more Australians have become more confident about the prospects of landing employment. Jobless people rose by 4,100 to 707,700 during the month.

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Australian employers should realise that the screening process should be more stringent after finding a suitable candidate, even if it seems hard to recruit qualified talents for some jobs.