Avoid the Spam Clutter: Email Insights to Draw Candidates

Email Insights in LondonIt is a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially if you do not know how to use email as an advantage in drawing candidates. Did you know that an average applicant receives around 121 emails in a day? That is a tough competition to try and grab the readers’ attention. Litmus even said you only have three to four seconds to catch their eye and interest.

Recruitment agencies in London such as KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd understand the importance of proper email usage. Get these tips bookmarked for future reference.

1. Your subject line is the deciding factor in your email.

Marketing Land shares that subject lines with 61 to 70 characters have the biggest read rate. However, the context of the subject should motivate and signify its importance. It is not all about length, but also about relevance. Otherwise, your company’s email will end up in the trash bin.

The subject line must contain what the candidate will get. They will want to hear from someone trusted that does not sound like spam.

2. Utilise preview text to enhance open rates.

Have you noticed the preview text of around 100 characters next to the subject line? Use the snippet that is usually available in Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Outlook to provide a context of what it is all about. Preview texts increase open rates to around 45 percent.

Treat those preview texts as the second subject line, and utilise the same tactic to improve your email. Do remember that there are character limitations, which is why you have to pack it with striking keywords and phrases. Do not give too much information when you are trying to summarise the email.

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Also, optimise your emails for all kinds of platforms, as most people are mobile nowadays. If your emails are not mobile friendly, they will not waste their time reading it.