Branding and Packaging: What All Business Owners Should Know

Branding and Packaging 101 for Business OwnersBefore you have launched your business, the first thing that you've done was to come up with a brand. Without this, you literally cannot have a business. A brand can take the form of a name, a symbol, a design, or a combination of all three, and businesses use them to create a unique identification of their offerings and to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

In other words, the goal of these activities is to generate not only a name but also a position in the mind and perception of consumers.

What it takes to achieve success in branding strategies

To achieve success in your branding strategy, you need to think like how other well-established brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Coke, and McDonald’s came about having these ultimate brand authority and recall.

In words, you have to create something that will immediately instill recognition (as well as recall) of your brand, just through its name, image, symbol, design, etc.

Where packaging comes into play

Packaging is one of the various methods you need to use to display your brand. It basically represents your brand in a visual manner. You need to develop a packaging system wherein your brand’s name and marks features prominence and demands attention.

Shrink sleeves vs. pressure-sensitive labeling

Depending on the industry your business belongs in, you have an array of packaging options to choose from. For instance, in the beverage industry, many make use of shrink sleeve packaging, due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, especially when compared with their pressure sensitive labeling counterparts.

When you opt for this type of labeling method over the pressure sensitive one, you can display many things on your packaging, and in full color for that matter. They fit almost any kind of container, and they wrap themselves around the contour/shape of the container perfectly. This way, your products will truly standout and capture the attention of your target market.

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