Brand’s Logo: How it Affects Your Marketing Strategy

Logo Design ConceptAre you planning to have a new logo or just starting up and do not know how to create one? In 2010, a famous clothing retailer changed their logo, which caused a dramatic drop in their sales. They returned to their old logo due to negative feedback from consumers and shareholders.

Your company’s logo is your business reception area, as it affects your customers’ decision to consider pursuing your products or services. A logo carries the company’s value, influencing consumer decision-making. Before sending your business logo and stationery design for professional printing, understand how it will impact your sales.

Circular or Angular

Customers associate logos in circular shapes with softness. They assume the company is warm, caring and sensitive to customer needs. People perceive that the products or services promote quality and are comfortable.

On the other hand, companies with angular logos present hardness in a positive way; customers expect their products to be durable.

Plain or Varied

Studies say that variety influences choices, as shown in an experiment where subjects choose between two bowls of M&M’s chocolate candies. One bowl is filled with the treat in a single colour, and the other in mixed colours. Most people chose the bowl with colourful candies.

However, a plain logo can have an impact if you use an attractive font and choose the right colours.

Simple or Trendy

Overly designed logos are more likely to require changes or improvements than neat and simple ones. A crowded logo overwhelms customers, as it shows that your company does not have a solid identity yet.

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A clean and readable logo helps consumers realise what your company offers, and it helps them remember your brand easier.

Familiarity or Empathy

Neuroscientists say that logos highly impact the emotional stand of customers. When a person sees a logo and recognises it, the brain processes the emotions and rewards system. The consumers connect the logo to their experiences with a company’s product or service.

A logo should also show your company’s message or belief, either through an image or through text targeting the right demographic. The Barbie logo, for example, sticks to the pink colour, as they aim to sell for young girls.

Your logo is your first chance to communicate with your customers. Design it according to the culture of your products and audience to deliver your business goals.