Cemetery Burials: Internment Rights and Related Costs

Cemetery Burials in ClearfieldBusinesses in the funeral sector can be classified in two: goods or services providers. There are funeral homes that sell only goods or services while others both. These also hold true for cemetery developers. 

Hence, you may come across a funeral company that offers a complete package. This means a burial plot is part of the prepaid funeral plan. Many companies, however, do not include burial plots in the packages they offer. In this case, the plan holder will buy it separately. The latter is not a problem because cemetery developers partner with established funeral homes and insurance companies. Recommendations will come by easily. 

What you are entitled to

The Federal Trade Commission has set general guidelines for fair purchases. One rule that every consumer must know is the right to know accurate pricing. For plan holders, this gives them the right to see itemized price list. Even if they ask for it or not. 

Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries explains that burial plots vary in prices due to types and location. A burial plot can be for a single body, couple, or family. There is also for cremated remains. The more burial plots a person purchases, the less it will cost. Just think of the benefit of wholesale purchase applied in this case. 

Related costs

Cemetery burials have related costs. These include maintenance fees such as endowment care, headstone installation fee and outer burial container, among others. Note that a burial container is not mandatory in Clearfield and everywhere in the U.S. However, cemeteries require using one for graves not to cave in. 

With the FTC rule in mind, a funeral home that sells such item has to show a price list. A person has the right to ask two or three product providers since the rule allows purchasing only the service or goods that a consumer wants. 

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These are in addition to obtaining internment right in a cemetery. The rights holder of a plot or mausoleum space can also designate the burial of another person in that place, aside from his.