Central Heating Pros and Cons You Should Consider

Central Heating SystemWhether you are living in colder regions or temperate ones, you cannot deny that heating systems and proper insulation make a more comfortable home. Uneven temperatures indoors and outdoors can make way for subpar living conditions and even take a toll on people’s health.

As a solution, homeowners are turning to central warm heating to improve their living conditions. But while central heating in NZ has risen to popularity in modern homes – a service provided by firms such as Tim Miller Plumbing – it is not always the perfect solution to address uneven temperature concerns.

If you are planning to install a central heating system, here are the pros and cons that you should take into account.


  • Central heating systems are capable of heating the entire house, putting a check to both efficacy and efficiency.
  • A central heating system can heat your entire home in a matter of minutes regardless of external temperatures.
  • With its long-term benefits in both comfort and cost, a central heating system is quite the investment.
  • Typically, central heating systems operate quietly.
  • These are also ideal for children, seniors, and people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems since it neither involves forced airflow or unclad elements and flames.
  • A central heating system is easily manageable using thermostatic controls. You can deactivate these in rooms not in use.
  • You can customise this type of heating system according to your lifestyle choices. It comes with a wide selection of heat sources and distribution options that you can choose from for the best efficiency and performance.
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  • A central heating system requires a large enough space for the central unit’s installation.
  • You may experience a time delay before and after certain temperature changes.
  • This heating system may also require appropriate routeings, ducts, and pipe provisions for an even distribution of heat.
  • Installing a central heating system does not exactly come cheap, but it does reap a lot of benefits in the long run.


Today’s central heating systems have more high tech features and efficiency for the modern home. If you think installing one is right for your home, then you are in luck! Know someone who might need this info? Share it with them now!