Choosing a Good Party Tent

Party TentsWhen having an outdoor event, a good tent for the big day is a great idea. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the tent creates a festive atmosphere, and many coloured tents in different sizes and patterns are available for hire.

Basic tent types

The basic type of tent is essentially the rope and pole type. These have some central poles and covered with a tent top. These poles aren’t dug into the ground but held down securely with fabric and stakes. This tent also makes use of ropes.

The standard pole tent is a basic looking tent, which is inexpensive to rent and is easy to set up. You can use it for both small and private event and corporate get together.

The high peak type is a more elegant looking tent. As the name suggests, it has a high centre and you can use it for corporate get together and weddings, as it has a more sophisticated look.

You can’t install these two types of tents on wooden structures of concrete ground; they require green grass or earthy surfaces for installation.

Frame tent types

The structure of the frame tent is quite simple and easy to install. Being an elegant type, they are secured using weights and are of two types, the standard frame and the clearspan tent.

The standard frame tents are a basic type wherein the tent is mounted over a basic framework made of metal. It can be easily used to set up a tent like structure at any kind of surfaces like decks, patios etc.

The clearspan tent rental comes with a metal frame. The fabric is fed into special grooves in the metal to hold it in place firmly and securely.

Whatever your event or party is, make it extra festive with a tent. It’s practical because it offers your guests protection and improves the appearance of the event venue.