Cleaning Services that Follow Work Safety Guidelines

Professional Cleaning ServicesCleanliness of work premises is one aspect of safety guidelines at work. While it is a sole responsibility of employers, cleaning services play a vital role in making workspaces clean, safe, and if possible, environment-friendly.

How cleaning service providers do that depends on their ability to follow the national guidelines for work safety in Auckland. In the published guidelines for the provision of facilities, general safety and health in commercial and industrial premises, cleanliness at workplaces means ‘free from refuse, waste, rubbish or any nuisance, and free from any smell or leakage from any drain or sanitary convenience’.

Commercial and Industrial Workplaces

Washing, sweeping and vacuuming, according to the aforementioned guidelines, are accepted methods for removing dirt and refuse on a regular basis. On the other hand, dry sweeping is not allowed particularly if harmful substances are present. Such substances can contaminate the air when disturbed. Caution is also necessary where explosive dusts are present.

Hence, cleaning methods that can spread contamination due to the presence of said substances should be avoided. These include any method that could raise a dust cloud (e.g. blowing of compressed air and vigorous sweeping).

Suitable containers for dust and refuse should be sufficiently available and regularly emptied. Likewise meal rooms, rest rooms, first aid rooms and sanitary conveniences require special attention as windows, skylights and ledges do.

NZ Environmental Programme

For environmental concerns, businesses and consumers can refer to programmes that help them find eco-friendly cleaning products. The Environmental Choice New Zealand, for instance, provides specifications for cleaning products to promote safe and environmental-friendly products.

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Some examples of these guidelines on purchasing of cleaning chemicals are the following:

• Use refillable containers
• Recyclable plastic packaging is labelled with a plastic resin code
• Minimise packaging waste by purchasing chemical products in quantities

Moreover, service providers should consider whether to use or not a disinfectant that kills a wide range of organisms. Professionals from recommend getting service provider that uses the latest tools and techniques.

Indeed, how else can employers and residential owners gauge a cleaning service provider’s commitment to quality and safety than by knowing how it follows the national guidelines and standards on safety and cleanliness at work and at homes. This guarantees that its service procedures are in line with work safety requirements that employers must follow.