Content Creation: The Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media Content

Search Engine MarketingFor many, online content is all the same whether they use it solely for blogs, websites or social media accounts. Truth is, while these types of content are related, there are differences that can be subtle but needs clarification, especially to those who are using them.

When using content for search engine marketing, and other digital marketing experts say that you need to know how each type works to use them to your advantage.

Content Marketing

Content marketing specifically informs and entertains people to influence them to act in a certain way, which may lead to sales or encourage them to believe in a particular advocacy. Simply put, content is for advertising and marketing purposes.

To create effective content for marketing, think of it as writing a story. You are the storyteller for a certain product or service; you show people the benefits they can gain from using them. Think about your audience and how they would like to perceive content in this format. Make sure that your content is search engine ready, so you can gain good traffic.

Social Media Content

Social media content, on the other hand, is for engaging people for the sake of communication. It may lead to sales or belief in an advocacy, but these are not a priority for this type of content. As the nature of social media is participation and engagement, content created should engage an audience effectively. Companies create social media content as a way of communicating with their clients and prospects to know and understand their needs and wants, as well as to get feedback.

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Remember that content for social media is for engaging with a wide target market. Use language that your intended audience can understand easily and keep the tone light and friendly. Do not forget to use hashtags, as well.

Knowing the difference between content marketing and social media content can give you the edge to make better decisions for your online marketing strategies.