Create CTA Buttons That Increase Conversions: The Hacks

Call To Action ButtonThe call-to-action or CTA buttons on your landing web pages symbolize a critical point between converting and bouncing. It’s how users respond to your offer, whether you’re asking to purchase something or avail of a service, download something, fill out a survey, or even as simple as clicking on another webpage.

What You Must Know About Call-to-Action Buttons

CTA buttons are made up of two elements, the copy and the design. The design is for attracting users, while the copy is to further cement a user’s decision to click on the button. First off, there’s really no ultimate CTA button that will work for everyone. CTA buttons come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and what works would differ significantly based on the landing page’s layout and context.

It simply has to stand out from all the other elements in a web page in order that potential customers will easily find the CTA button when they’re ready to convert. For example, if you have a mostly blue landing page, a blue CTA button probably won’t do since it won’t be as noticeable as say, a green or yellow button. Go for contrasting colors if you’re not sure and try the squint test. After finalizing the page, step away from the screen and squint your eyes so you could see if your CTA button stands out or not.

Likewise, size is crucial. Your button has to be big enough to be seen as a clickable button, so while going with a bigger size is great, don’t go overboard. In addition, the copy on your CTA button has a significant impact on your conversion rate and yes, users really read it, according to a PPC expert. She adds that aside from headlines, CTA copies are among the few pieces of content that your prospects actually read.

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The Bottom Line

A well-designed CTA button could make of break your conversion rate. That said, look at your landing pages and figure out if your CTA buttons are working for you or not. You should then use your findings to come up with new ideas for CTA buttons so that you could test each one to figure out which one works for you best.