Differentiating the Introverted And Extroverted Brain

 Introverted And Extroverted in Beverly Hills, CA If there’s one absolute truth about extroverts, it’s that they love being around people. They live for the relationships they cultivate and maintain. It’s why you don’t see introverts booking the services of ZipListNightLife.com or other similar businesses. Introverts? They’d rather sit at home and savor the quiet, either reading a good book, watching T.V., or playing video games.

It turns out that there’s a massive difference between how their brains work. This explains why extroverts crave events like loud, raucous parties, while introverts avoid them.

Varying Dopamine Responses

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It’s responsible for giving quick doses of happiness from acting quickly or seeking novelty. The latter actions are characteristic activities of someone during a party, right? Now, the main difference between introverts and extroverts is their response to dopamine.

Extroverts are much less sensitive to dopamine. To feel happy, they need more of it, and they get their dose from mingling with other people on a constant basis. Introverts, on the other hand, exhibit the complete opposite. They don’t need a lot of dopamine to feel content. When dopamine levels are too much, they feel over-stimulated.

What Studies Say

A study from Cornell University offers an interesting insight. The participants in the study were given the stimulant Ritalin. This substance is used to treat ADHD by stimulating the release of dopamine. At the same time, the participants are made to watch videos in a controlled environment.

Subconscious traits like working memory, finger-tapping speed and overall demeanor are among the testing parameters. The participants were tested for their ability to associate the videos and the environment with the dopamine rush. Researchers claim that extroverts strongly associate their environment and contexts with reward. Introverts show little to no association, even with the stimulant in their systems.

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Deep Thinkers

Being alone with their thoughts most of the time, introverts are chronic thinkers. It’s because information travels a much longer path from an introvert’s senses to the parts of the brain where information is processed. As usual, extroverts feature a differently constructed brain. Information is processed much faster due to the shorter pathway.