Don’t Let Echo Ruin Your Dream Home

A luxury house at nightWhile tall ceilings and windows create a lovely and spacious home, they have one significant drawback in that they produce lots of echoes. With the right tile and interior design, you can eliminate this problem.

People often outdo themselves when building their dream house. They pull all stops to create a perfect living space that meets all their unique tastes. You are likely to go for the tall ceiling to give the home a spacious and comfortable feel. You might also opt for the floor to ceiling windows to harness the benefits of natural light in the home.

While such a design creates a beautiful and stylish house, you need to go a step farther to give a homely feel. You’ll need to install the best acoustic panels in Australia to eradicate the echoes that result in a room with high ceiling and windows.

Get Crafty With The Ceiling

High ceilings create lots of empty spaces, and this causes sound waves to bounce around the room, creating the annoyance that is the echo. Echo makes the room feel empty and is particularly troublesome when trying to have a conversation. Lining the ceiling with acoustic tiles causes the ceiling to absorb sound waves instead of bouncing them around.

Acoustic tiles are designed to absorb sounds and vastly improve the quality of sound in a room plagued by echo. You’ll find them lining music studios, offices, and conference rooms where silence is an absolute necessity.

Get Crafty With Interior Decoration

By tastefully furnishing your home with an excellent range of carpets and tapestry, you can complement the work of the ceiling panels. Like ceilings, bare walls and floors cause sound waves to bounce around the room, promoting echoes. Covering the walls with drapes, tapestries, paintings, and other personal items not only makes a room to come alive but also reduces echoing.

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Scattering a few rugs on the hard concrete or wooden floor gives a similar result. Drapes are essential when you have tall windows as glass tend to increase the echo in a room considerably.

While tall ceilings and windows create a lovely homely atmosphere, they are likely to increase the amount of echo in a room. By installing acoustic ceilings and getting crafty with home décor, you can eliminate the echo to create a lovely home environment.