Ductless Air Conditioners and Their Benefits

ductless airconAre you looking for an air conditioner for your home or office and are spoilt for choice? Well, among the different types of air conditioners in the market, you should consider getting one with ductless split systems. Sydney’s top AC specialists even offer its installation at affordable costs.

This system does not require any ductwork, and, typically, it comes in two components — air handlers and outdoor units. The air handler stays indoors and connects to the outdoor unit through conductors that contain a coolant. The coolant absorbs the heat and discharges it into the outdoor space.

Conduct Air Conditioning cites other benefits of installing these ductless split systems.

Total Comfort

This system can cool and heat a room without much need for manual control, making it ideal in providing comfort all year round in place of other space heaters.

Noiseless Operation

The system does not have a big motor that would create loud noises when in operation. You can, therefore, enjoy a comfortable space with minimal-to-zero noise.


Traditional air conditioners cause a spike in your energy bills. However, ductless systems transfer heat energy efficiently, thus saving on utility costs as a result.

Adaptable Settings

Ductless systems have inverter compressors and sensors, which allow the system to operate at different speeds. This is unlike other air conditioners that you need to turn on and off. You, thus, will get to enjoy a cool space all day long.


Ductless systems are small; therefore, they require only a narrow space for installation. That makes these ductless systems the best for use in homes with modern design styles that use sleek interior elements.

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Nonetheless, when getting air-conditioner installation for the ductless AC split systems in your home or office, consider getting an installer in Sydney that offers excellent services at a competitive cost. The installation company should also include, in your order, advice on the after-installation maintenance practices to get the most out of your AC throughout its service life.