Fitting a Big Family in a Compact House

Big FamilyLarge families don’t always have the choice of having a large house due to financial reasons or location concerns. Such situations can force a big family to make do with what is available. If you are part of such a family, here are some pointers that can help you and your family members make the most of it.

Share – You can start by sharing bedrooms and study places. Also, try to share spaces between specific areas and rooms in your new home. Rearrange the dining area so it flows into the living room or install sliding doors to your living room so the patio can be its extension. Family dinners would not have to be relegated to just the dining room. Rule of thumb: Avoid walls and dividers so you can create the illusion of more space even in small areas.

Go Vertical – Have you noticed that residential areas tend to go up rather than out nowadays? Choose a narrow home that has adequate floors above. Get creative with storage by installing vertical shelves and ceiling cabinets. Triple-decker beds installed to the walls along with other ceiling fixtures can maximize unused spaces as well. The good news is, if the home you chose is not that big, you end up with more affordable payments for your Utah home loan.

Keep to the Minimum – With small spaces, you might as well choose a minimum number of small appliances and furniture for your home. Pick compact ones that you absolutely needed and are durable and efficient. You may also bypass the bulky washer and dryer if you prefer to use the Laundromat to wash your clothes. Try to avoid buying anything that’s just a fad or for purely decorative reasons and your family must do the same too.

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No space would be too small if your family is close and willing to share. If anything, a compact house can create more chances for your family members to work and be together. After all, a small house can be one way of expanding your family’s hearts.