Five Reasons Flat Roofing can be Better than Angled Roofing Systems

 Roofing SystemThere are several reasons many people see flat roofing as the better option for their house and commercial properties. If you’re having second thoughts on having a flat roof, the following benefits and advantages may help you decide.

It’s fairly less expensive

One of the best advantages of having a flat roof is the low cost. The initial building of the system and the installation of materials to cover it can be less costly than with pitched roofing. Construction requires fewer materials and labor – no need for shingles, tiles, and decorative parts. Add to that the less expensive repair and maintenance.

You get smart roof design

For many residential properties, flat roofing is used in garages and extensions. It has horizontal base attached to the ceiling joists beneath a waterproof membrane applied on top. While it is structured to hold standing water to some extent, a minor slope of few degrees is often used to allow rainwater to drain away into a hopper.

You get additional space

Another great benefit is you can make use of the space. You can place your air conditioning vents and exhausts there. It also makes a perfect spot to install solar panels and satellite dishes or to make a roof top garden or green roof. You may also use the spot for small parties and events.

You can access your roof easily

Unlike with sloped roofs, you can safely access your roof for inspection and repair. Flat roofs allow easy access to essential parts like rain gutters, sidings, and outdoor equipment you place there.

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It lasts longer

Most flat roofs are structured with gravel and tar making it highly durable and long-lasting. According to flat roofing companies in Houston, such roofs can last for more than 30 years when built and maintained properly.

The flat surface also offers less wind resistance than with angled roofs. This means you will never have to worry about loose or missing shingles and tiles in case of storms.

Consult your local roofing contractor to learn more about your options if you want flat roofing for your property.