For Newbies: Watching Tennis Matches

Australian Open TennisNadal, Sharapova, Murray — even if you’re not a big fan of tennis, you surely know them. And it has surely made you wonder why tennis is a big thing. For starters, tennis is not just a sport. It’s a sport built on heritage and tradition. These are the things that make it more special.

Watching tennis on TV and watching it live are two different things. If seeing the sport on TV makes you excited, imagine what watching it live can do to you. Planning to get Australian Open tennis tickets and watch the action live?

Here are some things you may want to consider:

Your Attire

With its tradition and heritage, it’s safe to say that tennis falls within the bounds of highbrow sports. As such, it is expected that you make yourself look smart. Wear something classy yet comfortable. A polo shirt with chino shorts will do. Don’t forget to bring a cap and shades because it’s going to be sunny.

Your Etiquette

Etiquette is a big thing in this sport, so you must be conscious of your actions. Refrain from standing up often that you annoy the spectators behind you. Only use your camera when the time is right, usually before or after the match. Using cameras, especially when the flash is on, will surely irritate other spectators.

After the Match

You might want to stick around after the match, as there are usually some festivities that spectators attend. Usually, it’s a cocktail party where you can get a few drinks. Well, it still depends on the type of match you’ll watch. If this is not your thing, you may want to get a comfy back and neck massage after the match. Craning just to see the ball will surely tire your muscles.

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Watching tennis matches is definitely something you’ll enjoy. Things are more exciting if the superstars are competing against each other. Keep these things in mind for more fun.