Four Efficient SEO-Friendly Website Design Ideas

SEO-FriendlyWhen designing a website for your business, it’s not enough that it’s visually appealing. If you want to get the best from it, you need to design it with SEO in mind. Here are a few tips and reminders in applying SEO-friendly web design.

Keyword-optimise it

Keywords play an important role in SEO. Know the keywords you target and build pages for them. Incorporate them in design elements such as title tags, meta description, H1, H2, and H3 tags, as well as in breadcrumb trails and the various content of each page. A website that is optimised with the right set of keywords can be easily be found and indexed by search engines. This translates to better chances of appearing in the SERPs.

Incorporate social media

Specialists in SEO web design suggest strategic integration of social media into your website. This will allow you and the site’s users to connect with each other. Those Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ buttons can be your key to a broader reach, better online presence, and more effective positioning as a trusted brand in the industry.

With high quality branding and design, you can ensure that your customer’s first impression is the best it can be, according to Decoy Marketing.

Make it user-friendly

An effective web design also helps visitors to use your website easily and gain positive online experience. Simple practices like proper highlighting of clickable links and avoiding horizontal scrolls can make your site more user-friendly. Also, make sure the users are not lost in your site, use breadcrumbs so they can easily know their location and navigate through the pages faster and more efficient.

Make your URLs SEO-friendly

URLs are used by search engines as one of the criteria in measuring your site’s qualification for ranking. With this in mind, your URLs should be easily read by the crawlers and highly descriptive of the content of your pages. It doesn’t need to spell out each detail, in fact, shorter URLs are better. They have to be human-readable as well. They have to be static, meaning there’s no unnecessary numbers and symbols.

Learn more about SEO-friendly web design by consulting an expert. An experienced web designer should be able to help you achieve a design that’s highly beneficial to your site’s SEO.