Fresh and Easy Colour Combinations: How to Update Your Living Room

House Painting in WellingtonLooking to update your living room? A different colour scheme could easily set the tone. Breathe new life into your living room with these easy ideas for paint and colour combinations.

Varying Whites, Ocean Blue and Tangerine

Complementary colours like blue and orange in bright tones could come on too strong, but with the right decorating strategy, you ensure that you don’t hurt your eyes when you enter the room. Sprinkle these colours against a white backdrop to soften the brightness and utilise colours in patterns instead of a huge block to further tone down the colour combination.

Linen, Mustard Yellow and Muted Grey

Cloudy neutrals on walls convey subtle sophistication, but also speak of modern industrial when combined with some refined wood and metal furnishings. The neutrals will lend a monochromatic feel, so add hints of mustard yellow to play up the metal and wood tones to avoid making the room feel too muted.

Oatmeal, Chartreuse and Cloudy Peachy Yellow

The right combination of colours could lend even the most traditional living room styles a fresh look. Pops of colour, when combined with traditional elements like beaded boards, white trim, antique accents and classic furniture lines, will give your living room its very own persona. Opt for a cloudy peachy yellow on your walls instead of classic beige, add in some chartreuse accents for continuity, and use oatmeal consistently throughout the room; rugs, sofa, chairs, etc. for a sturdy base.

Cerulean Blue, Khaki Beige Mustard Yellow

Balance a bold shade with neutrals. For instance, the cerulean blue on your walls could also appear in rugs, upholstery or artwork for consistency through space, while khaki beige on your sofa and side tables will temper the vividness blue. Sprinkle in mustard yellow in accents if you want more contrast. Balance a saturated colour on your wall by painting the top section one colour, installing a chair rail, then painting the bottom section with a more muted tone of the same colour you used on top, suggests Gavin Chan Decorators Limited’s top house painter in Wellington.

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More tips; don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment with different textures and colour combinations, and get professional help for redecorating tasks that you can’t really DIY.