Gallery Maintenance: Preserving and Caring for Artworks and Exhibits

Caring for Artworks and ExhibitsThe success of an art gallery is in the quality of their exhibits. Regardless of your theme, artists, and audience, a badly maintained exhibit discourages patrons from seeing the true value of the work displayed. You can avoid this by giving proper attention to your space and your pieces.

Proper Lighting and Atmosphere – Some paintings, sculptures and installations require specific atmosphere and lighting to be effective. Materials like oils and waxes will quickly deteriorate if exposed to harsh lighting. Installations may require specific directional light fixtures, which will accentuate the exhibit pieces without washing out the paint or medium. Invest in different types of bulbs and fixtures to give enough choices to potential collaborators.

Experienced Handlers – Another factor in the keeping and handling of art is the efficiency and professionalism of the staff. Recently, museum staff damaged the famous mask of King Tutankhamen. They did not report it and instead used super glue to keep his beard intact, but the museum discovered their ruse not long after. It cost the museum a fortune to remove the glue and restore the mask to its original state. If you are going to hire staff, be sure that they are knowledgeable in the care and storage of art pieces.

Enough Storage – Museums won’t always have the largest spaces for their growing number of exhibits, especially if you’re already beyond the first three years of operation. With many artists clamouring to contribute and be featured, you might need to rotate your exhibit pieces regularly. For pieces that you need to put on hiatus, Shelving Shop Group recommends choosing a warehouse storage company that can offer a proper system to keep your paintings from moisture, vermin, and poor handling.

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A good gallery will be defined not by its looks, but by its content. Such devotion to the arts goes beyond choosing what to display but also through framing, storing, and cleaning. As a general rule, always keep your artworks safe and well preserved, so you can profit from your passion.