Get ISO 14001 Certified to Promote Your Company’s Eco-Friendly Procedures

Woman discussing eco-friendlinessFor a company, it is easy to claim that they follow sustainable methods. Large companies go through expensive accreditation to be able to state that they are eco-friendly. Small and medium businesses cannot afford costly traditional certification. Procedures like LEED and BREEAM are out of their reach. By creating a franchise for accreditation, SuperGreen Solutions helps SMBs promote their sustainability efforts.

ISO 14001

ISO 14000 is a set of standards that help organizations protect the environment. Unlike most ISO certifications standards, ISO 14001:2015 defines a platform used to enhance environmental performance. It is not a performance goal but an environmental management system.

This is useful in systematically managing responsibilities and contributing to a company’s sustainability efforts. It aims to enhance environmental performance, fulfill compliance obligations, and help achieve environmental goals.

As a platform, ISO 14001 can be used by any organization, from a small business to a large enterprise. It can also work with any industry. It is related to the environmental aspects that a company can control or influence. It can only be accepted for certification when implemented as a whole.

Benefits for Small Businesses

One reason why these companies don’t get accredited is the cost. Certification can be a significant investment for small companies. However, ISO certifications help establish a company’s reputation. It can promote the company and its products. Sustainability without accreditation is an empty promise. Certification shows customers that the company is reliable. Customers who are willing to buy green products are also willing to pay a premium.

ISO accreditation is useful and necessary for doing business in today’s environment. It can also be used to promote the company’s efforts to save the environment.

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