Hacks for a Stress-free House Move

MovingMoving homes is quite challenging and time-consuming. However, with proper planning arrangement and hiring a professional removals firm, your moving can be a lot easier. Here are a few tips for a smooth move.

Plan properly

Many things may go wrong if you rush at moving. Take time to put everything in their right place. If you intend to use professionals, book their services in advance. This saves you the strain of trying to beat the deadline by doing everything at once.

File a change of address from the local post office

Change your address at least a fortnight before moving out. This ensures that your mail does not get lost or delivered to the wrong people.

Donate or sell what you do not use

Take this opportunity to get rid of the stuff you do not use. You may sell the antiques at online auction sites, stage a garage sale or donate to a favourite charity. You may make a few coins along the way and end up with fewer items to move.

Mark your boxes

Once you have stacked particular items in a box, it is important to mark it, especially if it contains fragile items. You may also mark the boxes by the room they belong to or what they contain. If you are leaving some furniture behind, mark the furniture to give the removals team an easy time.

Keep your moving company and the neighbours in the loop

Keep your moving company in the know, should the moving dates change. Most furniture removals in Auckland are done at the weekend when neighbours are around. Alert them in advance and ask for any assistance you may need.

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Proper planning makes moving easy and fun. It also reduces the chances of some items getting lost or getting broken on the way.