Hacks to Optimize Office Productivity

Improving office productivityIf this year’s goal is to ramp up and expand your small business to drive sales and profits, you must first empower your staff with the right environment and tools that will help them cope with the increased business while maintaining or improving efficiency and service level. Here are ways to get you started to optimize office productivity.

Organize the Office

Ever wondered if there is some truth in the saying “A clean space, a clear mind”? You may even notice that the more clutter you see, the easier you become distracted. According to studies on Neurosciences, having too many objects within your range of view will compete for neural representation cluttering your mind making it hard for you to concentrate.

Implement an office-wide cleanup and declutter campaign and get everyone involved in remove unnecessary items and files. Anything that remains must be classified in its proper place and labelled accordingly. Notice how light the environment feels and how it affects you positively.

Next, reassess and rationalize the current office set up and workflow. Group staff that often coordinate with each other and situate them closer to the filing systems they access.

Improve Communication

Stop getting by with just blurting out your messages from your cubicle to the next. Consider ways to improve communications. It may be as simple as installing a free Instant Messaging App in everyone’s office computer.

Moreover, if you hope for and expect increased business from current clients and bring in new ones, invest in an IP PBX system suited for small businesses like Kital so that your staff can make and receive calls simultaneously. This will improve the efficiency of your office staff and allow your clients easier access to your good and or services.

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Optimize Work Environment

Consider the small things to make your office a comfortable environment that promotes productivity. Optimize the temperature depending on the season to keep everybody comfortable. Let in adequate natural light to reduce eyestrain from blue light sources like computer screens. Regularly sterilize surfaces and surroundings to avoid the spread of bacteria and virus to keep your workers sick days to a minimum.

Rally your team for a bigger and prosperous year ahead. Drive them to step up to the plate and empower them with the tools to do their jobs better. Try out these recommendations to support and optimize office productivity for your small business.