Handling AC and Refrigeration Malfunctions: Things You Should Know

A refrigerator being repairedDuring the hot days of summer, you turn on the air conditioner to keep cool but it malfunctions. You begin to feel the heat and start to sweat. To cool off, you walk to the refrigerator to fix a cold drink, but the freezer stopped making ice.

Access to an air conditioning and refrigeration repair service in Whangamata such as Reef Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited is just a phone call away. There are minor problems that your DIY acumen can solve, but leave the headaches to the specialist.

Major problems of air conditioners

These are glitches only a qualified technician can solve:

  • Your refrigerant could be low or leaking. You need to have the leak repaired, and the coolant refilled.
  • A dirty filter restricts airflow that reduces the ability to cool the air. It needs replacement or cleaning.
  • The electrical connections of your compressor and fan controls might be worn out from frequent turning off and on of your system,
  • The thermostat might need new batteries or replace entirely.

Major problems of refrigerators

These are situations that need the presence of an experienced technician:

  • There is a hissing noise and cooling is not efficient
  • Presence of oily residue on the bottom of the freezer compartment
  • Condenser coils are damaged
  • There is a water leak
  • The case is sweating

How to find a legitimate AC and refrigeration repair service

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Never hook-up with the first website that pops up on your computer.
  • Research on at least three service providers and make a list.
  • Compare their prices, the number of years in operation, offers and more.
  • Read on reviews; this will give you an idea of their quality of work.
  • Call up the office and find out if they know their stuff.
  • Do not rely on verbal promises. Get a written estimate along with the repair activities and the parts that need replacements.
  • Once the technician is at your place, ask him to present his company ID.
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An air condition and refrigeration system that is out of service makes you feel bad, but do not make it worse by getting scammed.