How to Choose a Process Server

Process Server in UtahA process server is basically an individual who delivers or serves legal documents such as summons, subpoenas, court orders, and different legal notices, among others. Process servers can either be licensed or registered process servers, private investigators and detectives, sheriffs, constables, and marshals, as well as licensed or non-registered persons such as relatives or friends.

Choosing a Process Server

When choosing among different process servers, your primary considerations must include the scope of service and the cost. If you’re not keen on dealing with various service providers, consider a company that could assist you in many, different ways. According to an experienced process server in Utah, aside from process serving, some companies can also perform court filings, e-fax and fax filings, court research, document recordings, retainer filing plans, private investigations, skip tracing, as well judgment enforcement, to name a few. If you require someone to follow-up and verify addresses in case your initial attempts fail, go with a company that offers similar tasks.

Cost is typically a concern, but you should know that cost is dependent on the specific kind of process that will be served. Fees are usually fixed and affordable for common complaints and summons, while fees will typically be higher for serving family court documents, subpoenas, and orders showing cause among others. Expect higher fees for processes that require serving as soon as possible and note that costs will likewise be based on location.

Other Crucial Things to Keep in Mind

Aside from the scope of service and cost, you also have to consider the following:

  • How many times would a process server attempt to serve a person prior to giving up?
  • Can the process server or company accommodate international or out-of-state services?
  • Do they implement a proper monitoring system?
  • Will Proof of Service be filed with the court or mailed to you?
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You should also do your won due diligence and research the company or individual before you decide. Verify that the person or company is registered or licensed in compliance with local and state requirements.