How to Find Your Dream Home Without Compromising Your Priorities

New Homes in Lake MinnetonkaWhen searching for a house to purchase, it can be easy to be drawn to the most appealing details (i.e. a spacious kitchen, a relaxing outdoor space) and lose focus on what’s important (i.e. budget). If you are visiting several potential houses in one weekend, things can even get more complicated and affect your decision-making process.

In Lake Minnetonka alone, there are some gorgeous houses available on the market. Here are some things that you should keep in mind to help you set your priorities:

New or Old?

Do you wish to buy a new house or an older one? Old houses can appear enticing but they may cost you a lot in the long run. For one, you will have to worry about repairs. Newly built houses, on the other hand, can keep you from spending on maintenance, but also have their drawbacks. They are typically costly and if you are not careful, the builders might throw in some expensive complimentary extras, such as furniture, curtains, and carpets.


Touring multiple properties can make it difficult to remember certain details. You can keep track of each house’s features by making a comparison checklist. As you take the tours, take note of the things that make each property stand out. In addition to the basics (kitchen, bed, and bath), think about including other details such as the landscaping, storage space, and the roof’s condition.

Visit the Houses at Different Times

When you choose to come back for a second tour of the properties, do it at a different time of day from your first tour. You’d be surprised at what you will discover when you visit, say, during sundown. Now, if you choose to return during the evening, remember to check the neighborhood’s atmosphere. Is it noisy? Are there vehicles parked on the side of the streets?

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When you start looking at potential properties to purchase, be sure to avoid any distractions. Remembering the above tips will surely help you in keeping yourself on track.