How to Move to Another State While on a Budget

movers unloading boxesNaturally, you’re inclined to pick the mover with the lowest price when comparing long-distance moving quotes. While that is all nice and dandy, you need to tread carefully when choosing a mover.

The price is not the only determining factor, especially in an industry where you get what you pay for. There’s no denying that cross-country moves carry a hefty price tag. Thus, you might be tempted to rock the boat to save a buck.

Ask for a Tax Break

Surprisingly, the government is eager to reward a hard-working taxpayer who moves long distances because of a job change. If your new job requires you to relocate many miles away from your current residence, some of your expenses might tax-deductible.

These costs include travel and lodging as well as storage and transportation expenses. Among other qualifications, you need to be moving at least 50 miles away from your current residence. The IRS offers a detailed guide to help you with the process.

Pick a Credible Mover

It’s so easy to focus on the cost of moving that you ignore other sources of danger when moving long distances. There are instances where people, lured by attractive moving costs, end up losing all their earthly possessions. Others incur severe losses when a mover ends up damaging their belongings during transit.

In both scenarios, you will incur hefty losses, not to mention the inconvenience of having to move into an empty house. Take the time to ascertain the reputation of the moving company before letting it handle your relocation. You need to be sure that you’re entrusting your possessions to a reliable company.

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The cost of moving across state lines can leave a gaping hole in your wallet. In addition to snagging a good deal from a moving company, you can take other measures to make your cross-country move easy on your pocket.