How to Safeguard Your Reseller Channel in the Amazon Marketplace

Person buying an item onlineNow that more and more resellers are posting your products on Amazon, you should be ecstatic about all attention, purchases, and reviews your products have been getting. This is awesome news, but only if you’re 100% certain that you’ve got your Amazon resale channel under control. Otherwise, your seemingly popular Amazon presence could actually endanger your brand. To prevent this from happening, consider the following tips:

Create an Authorized Reseller Program

As part of your MAP policy enforcement, you should also have an authorized reseller program so that you can restrict which retailers can officially sell your products. Only resellers you accept in your program can get a hold of your inventory. They will have to sign agreements indicating that only they can sell your products to end users, and not other resellers.

Monitor Amazon Like a Hawk, Paying Close Attention to Dubious Retailers

One of the biggest threats to your brand reputation is retailers who represent your brand online but aren’t part of your authorized reseller program. Rogue resellers are known for advertising products way below the approved prices indicated in a MAP policy to undercut authorized resale partners. They usually do this by utilizing different business names for concealing their real identities in the Amazon marketplace.

Leverage the Amazon Brand Registry to Spot Violations of Your Intellectual Property

With Amazon’s brand registry, you, as the manufacturer or authorized representative, can enroll as the owner of your brand for all your products listed on Amazon. Once you’re enrolled, you get a suite of robust online tools for searching potential IP infringements of your company in the entire Amazon marketplace. You can utilize these powerful tools for looking for rogue retailers that are misusing your logo, trademarks, images, and sales copy. In addition, Amazon’s Brand Registry makes use of all your brand information to employ extra predictive safeguards that work to pinpoint and eliminate product listings that can be potentially harmful to your brand.

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Amazon won’t be going away—not for a very long time—and with it, rogue retailers who are looking to profit from your brand. However, for companies that actively monitor their products online and have a specific strategy for monitoring their Amazon resale channel, they can leverage the Amazon marketplace for all the good things it can offer.