Improve Your Advertising and Gain More Chances for Success

Advertising TrendsThe new year is almost here! 2017 also means a new start for businesses aiming for success. As you prepare your company for the new year, predicted advertising trends can help you improve your advertising efforts. With these predictions, you may be able to gain an edge over our competitors and find the right techniques and methods of a successful advertising campaign. Without further ado, here are some predicted trends you can take advantage of.

Attention-Grabbing Ad Copy

In terms of PPC advertising, Disruptive Advertising says one way to capture the attention of online users is with excellent ad copies. You can easily create effective ad copies by showing your audience why your company is the best. You can also learn from your competitors — what you like and don’t like from their ads. Finally, you can add quality calls to action and ad extensions to facilitate your ad copies.

Touching Videos

Besides ad copies, you can use videos as well for advertising. Online video ads have blown up in 2016 and is predicted to become a mainstay in 2017. You can connect to your target audience more intimately in this way through quality videos.

Lookalike Markets

You can perhaps increase your leads and conversion rates during the new year by analyzing and reaching out to lookalike audiences. A lookalike audience are people likely to interact with your business since they share a similarity with your target audience.

Extended Descriptions

You can now describe your business in more words with Google’s expansion of text allowance. The expansion includes all advertisements across all electronic devices. In this way, the size of PPC ads on Adwords will grow twice as large.

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More Remarketing

Finally, you can expect remarketing to become a valuable tool in the coming year. Remarketing basically allows you to repeatedly show your ad to a user who has been to your website or used your app. The ad will appear wherever the user goes online, familiarizing him to your business.

With these predicted trends, you can plan better, all-improved advertising campaigns that may just bring your company the big break you have always wanted.