Interesting Trends That Will Dominate Online Marketing in 2016

Digital MarketingOnline marketing is highly dynamic and volatile. There are always innovations improving an old trend or totally eliminating it. As such, what may have worked in the past year for your business may no longer be useful in the next year. The faster your company can adapt to these changes, the more efficient your digital marketing strategy will be. and other online marketing firms in Singapore shares the strategies that will dominate this 2016.

1. Mobile over desktop

Every day more and more people across the world acquire smartphones. Due to the ease of access to the internet through smartphones, some now spend less time on their desktops and more time on their phones. You must keep up with this trend by optimising your website for mobile and also investing in mobile apps. Maybe, this increased preference for using mobile to access the Internet will give rise to mobile-only sites in 2016.

2. Video marketing

Video marketing is expected to take dominance in this and the coming years. With the numerous channels available to do video marketing including YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Vimeo and Facebook; your business should invest more in film resources. Also, incorporate more videos in your content marketing or go all the way to test the various channels for exclusive video marketing.

3. Personalisation

This far, the advancements in technology have enabled sophisticated access to customer data. It is time to leverage on that data to fine tune your digital marketing efforts by personalizing your interaction with the customers. Personalise all your promotional messages whenever possible this year.

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4. Real-time interaction

In 2016, customers will expect to be able to engage with brands 24/7, all year round. Although this can be quite challenging for many brands, if you can get past the obstacles and engage with your customers real-time, you will have set yourself apart from your competition.

By understanding these trends and creatively incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you are bound to see better results on your business.