Investing in Your Employees: What Motivates Your People?

Motivational Keynote SpeakerEmployee motivation is a responsibility of the business owner and manager. Motivated employees are a lot more productive than their counterparts are.

More than half of employee recruitment has to do with replacing people who have left their jobs. Millions of dollars are lost whenever at least ten managers or professionals leave a company. Voluntary resignation typically stems from a lack of motivation.

To avoid this dilemma, you have to understand what motivates employees.


People work in part to make money to provide for themselves and their family. Most human basic needs involve the use of money. Pay your employees right, give them benefits and insurance. You have to stay on top of your salaries and overheads, but it is wise to give your employees their due.


Humans have a natural need to bond with others. If you discourage socialization in the workplace, that’s an easy way to make your workers dislike and lose their respect for you. There is a time for work, of course, but let them feel free to form friendships. In fact, encourage them.


Your employees will appreciate your effort to help them comprehend their role in your company better. They would love to learn more about their jobs and how their performance contributes to the overall success of the company. Montgomery Presents encourages employees to ask and learn, and managers to help their employees answer those questions.


Teambuilding exercises should not be a drag; they should be fun and engaging. Set aside a budget for teams to take part in exercises that they voted for. They are more likely to participate if they had a hand in choosing the activity. These exercises are also effective stress-busters.

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Know what your employees are concerned about and what makes them happy. Open your door to everyone, from the lowest to the top positions in your company. Investing in your employees is investing in your company’s growth.