Is there an App for Your Business Yet? Benefits of Having Your Own App

Small Business App MarketingThousands of apps are available for free or for a small, one-time fee on the two most popular app supermarkets, Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The number of available apps and the developers behind them is proof that these little things work. Whether for your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you need and use at least several apps. You probably know one or two people who spend hours just browsing for new apps to download.

So what’s stopping you from building your own app for use with your local business?

Whether you’re already thinking of calling Perth app developers or need more convincing before you consider having your own app, this guide from Viper Online Marketing will help you learn more about how an app will benefit your local business.

  1. An app helps with brand recognition. Your app displays your logo all the time. So every time a customer uses your app, your brand stays top of mind. It would be hard not to retain an image of your brand if a user gets treated to it all the time.
  2. An app is convenient. A customer may not mind searching and then browsing your website, but if they have your app they don’t even have to search for competitors. They don’t even have to use a browser and access your site. The convenient thing to do is tap on your app icon instead. So in a way you have a captive audience in this age of instant choices and lower customer loyalty.
  3. You can sell more. Feature a sale or a new product with every launch of your app and watch your sales grow. All it takes for a customer to buy is tap a few times. Such convenience makes customers more likely to buy.
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These are three of the best benefits of having your own app. It’s so much easier to make your business popular if you have your own app. Think about it.