Is Your Company Struggling to Hire Workers?

Interviewer shaking hand of applicantBritish employers in the health, hospitality and IT industries need third-party assistance more than ever, due to a problem of hiring workers amid a skills shortage.

Wherever your company is looking for workers, be it Manchester, Edinburgh or London, a recruitment agency will be able to help you find the right people for your advertised jobs.

Finding the Right Talents

Job vacancies in the U.K. reached 823,000 in January, up by 62,000 year-on-year, according to the Office for National Statistics. Health and social work vacancies accounted for 130,000 of these opportunities, while 95,000 were in the hotel and food sector.

Ian Brinkley, a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development economist, attributed the struggle among employers to a low jobless rate. This has provided those with low salary jobs with better options for their desired work. In the IT sector, a survey showed that most employers expect this year to be a challenging one in terms of recruitment.

Skills Shortage

A Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) survey revealed that an estimated one-third of IT executives believe that 2018 will be more difficult for them to hire workers, compared with 2017. A shortage of skilled professionals served as their main reason for not finding the right candidate.

Competition from other industries will also make it hard for them to lure IT professionals, based on a separate CompTIA study. Some of the in-demand jobs in the previous year include programming and software development, and IT specialist management. London, Berkshire and Hampshire comprised some of the top locations for IT jobs in the country over the same period.

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A low level of unemployment and demand for workers in the health, hospitality and IT bodes well for the economy. However, with a tight labour market, companies need to realise that they will sometimes need to enlist professional recruiters in addition to their in-house human resources team.