Keeping your Cotton School Pants Looking Great

Maintaining Cotton School PantsCotton is one of the most common materials used to make clothes due to its unique capabilities such as heat insulation. After purchasing school pants made from cotton, there some things you should do to maintain them.


Pants made from 100% cotton material are prone to creasing if stored wrongly after washing. To avoid this, ensure you always hang them in your closet instead of folding them. It’s also recommendable to use thick hangers instead of thin wires, to retain the shape of the pants.


One of the downsides of cotton is it absorbs natural oils and sweat from the skin. This, in turn, attracts silverfish and moths that can compromise the quality of the material. The two pests feed on the organic secretions from your skin and can remain undetected for days. To prevent your pants from being attacked by these pests, purchase a natural and skin friendly moth repellent.


Ironing helps to get rid of creases, and restores the original shape of cotton school pants, especially if you folded them. Unlike other materials, cotton is relatively sturdy and can withstand high temperatures. You can hot iron your pants without worrying about the risk of burning and shininess.

However, you should get rid of any stains before ironing, as this can force them deep into the fabric. Turn the pants inside out before ironing.


The cotton material is highly susceptible to shrinking. Choose cotton pants that are sanforised/pre-shrunk. Such pants can be washed in any temperature, but if they’re not pre-shrunk, use cold water to wash them.

Cotton is a staple fabric that’s light and comfortable to wear. Keep your pants looking great and clean at all times.