Lessons from the Goddess of Victory: Traditional & Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising in MelbourneEvery business needs marketing activities if it is to gain traction and help customers remember its brand. The most successful and influential brands in the world started as regular businesses, but the stature they are enjoying right now is not just due to the great products and services they have introduced to the market. It is due to all the marketing they were smart enough to engage in early on.

Such activities are huge expenses, of course, and through the years those businesses have learned to cope with changing customer demands by not hesitating to put money into their products, services and marketing.

Traditional Advertising

In the early days of Nike and other such recognisable brands, there was no such thing as digital when it came to marketing and advertising. Early companies that are now market leaders relied on traditional advertising.

When Nike (named after the goddess of Victory) began, it was a small distributing company out of Phil Knight’s car trunk. Track coach Bill Bowerman’s interest in finding or producing light and durable running shoes, and Phil Knight’s refusal to turn his back on athletics to pursue a professional career, led to a marketing plan. Now Nike is an athletic shoe and apparel giant everyone knows, due in large part to the founders’ decision to advertise using Michael Jordan.

Billboards, television commercials, athlete endorsements and the ubiquitous Swoosh logo helped make the brand a household name.

The Digital Age

These days, brands like Nike are ever-present on the Web as well as on many digital products. Apps like the one they have developed for the iPhone are making them even more relevant for the modern athlete.

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Although you don’t have to spend as much as Nike has through the years, you can take a cue from their moves in both traditional and digital marketing. Don’t let go of your traditional advertising, but hire a digital advertising agency in Melbourne to add to more conventional ways of making your brand more popular.

With such a combination your advertising spend will not go to waste, provided of course that you have researched your niche properly.